Good Day for a Tiger

by Year of the Tiger

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released January 25, 2011



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Year of the Tiger New York

Year of the Tiger is an electro indie-rock duo, Henry Ivry and Sable Yong, from Brooklyn, NY.

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Track Name: Electric
Electric lines of color
Pulsing out along the corners and across the walls
You can taste it, the neon flicker
As it fills up the glass and drips down to the floor
You couldn’t stop it, if you wanted
It’s the stuff that comes out from within our bones
You can see it in the darkness
Tracing out the designs of our secret glow

Come on over here and you can taste my fire
All I wanna do it touch your electric
Come on over here and jump across the wire
Just let me touch-touch your electric

It’s coming with the evening
Down the middle of the road and through the trees
You can see it glowing brightly
Glitter in the streetlight with a golden sheen
Can you feel it, incandescent,
Pulsing to the beat-beat to the siren wail
Racing past you, sounds of sizzle
And the night lifts up it’s darkened veil

Don’t you let me , don’t you let me
Don’t you let me down down down…
All I wanna do it touch your electric

Track Name: Steps
I hear the street starting to sing my song
I feel the heat starting to turn my bones
I see the gold dripping from the light
I feel the burn that only comes with night, Hey

Queen of the night, yeah yeah

I got shivers down through my spine
I got a thirst that doesn't wait in line
I know the depths to which I will fall
I got a heart that won't save my soul, Hey

Queen of the night, yeah yeah

I don't care if it's right or wrong
I don't care if you ride along
I don't really need company
You're much less than a liability

I see better when the lights are off
I see better when you're not in front of me
I don't need no one to tell me how
I'm just here to make it loud

Queen of the night, queen of the night

Burning, burning, burning up the night
Burning, burning, burning up the night

Queen of the night
Track Name: Heart of Steel
You’re looking at me with stardust in your eyes
You might think I’m exactly the type you like
We’ve all done things that we’re not proud to say
But I’ve done things no scrubbing can scrape away

Sweet Lover (x4)
You might think I’m a girl that you could love
But you don’t know the things I’m capable of
(Sweet lover)

We move along like something from a dream
you never look at things that you don’t wanna see
There’s a reason some things stay locked away
And nothing you can do is gonna make me stay

Sweet lover (x4)
You might think that love can overcome
But you don’t know about the things that I have done

Sweet lover, sweet lover, don’t wanna steal your heart
Sweet lover, sweet lover, I got a heart of steel
Track Name: Rockit
Cracks appear in the ceiling
Paint has taken to peeling
We just started to notice
Now I can’t see you at all
Gloss it over with the darkness
Raise the bass to kill our hearing
Everyone looks for each other
No one’s looking at the ceiling

It doesn’t even matter
It’s all coming apart
It doesn’t even matter

Sky is falling, I hear my rocket calling
So let’s set it off off off

I feel like I might explode
Just hold me tight and don’t let go
Let’s stay inside this bathtub til the house stops falling down
I can smell the smoke from fire
I can taste the rusted iron
Sun is setting, get that feeling
I keep looking at the ceiling


We got a lot to love (x2)
Set it off
Set it off
Rock it!